Patterns Women's and Children Residential Treatment Program

Patterns Program Sandie and Ethan Weitz had the opportunity to take the Patterns Women's and Children Residential Treatment Program out on a pro-bono fishing trip. The Patterns Program is a service offering of Behavioral Health Services, Inc. out of Gardena, California. The Patterns Program "serves alcohol and drug dependent women who are better suited for a non coed facility. A special track allows women with dependent children, up to age 10, to enter the program as a family unit. Participants develop a sense of responsibility for themselves, their children and their program while preparing for a successful transition to the sober community."

Ethan Weitz chartered "City of Redondo" and led 40 children and their 10 chaperones on the fishing experience of their lives. The trip out to Palos Verdes was a memorable moment for the kids. A school of dolphins and their calves were jumping out of the water and putting on quite a show for the group. The children were so fascinated by the dolphins that the captain of the boat circled the school for thirty minutes so that everyone could experience what few people ever get to see.

Upon arrival at the flat waters of Palos Verdes the girls on the trip were disgusted by the bait and refused to touch it. After the large catch of approximately 125 Bonita and 10 Sand Bass, all the girls of the group were no longer grossed out by bait and were actually throwing fish guts and carcasses at each other. Everyone on board the boat caught fish and everyone was thrilled about it. A hardy lunch of sandwiches, chips, drinks, and cookies was provided by Sandie and Ethan Weitz on board the boat.

The individuals with the two biggest catches of the day were awarded with fishing rods bringing joy to those winners and imploring others to learn the ways of fishing so that next time they can be the big winners.

Some of the parents on board had quite a few things to say about their experience. One parent told Ethan Weitz, "This is the happiest day of my life." Another parent noted that he and his son never get to spend time out of the Patterns Center and that he was very thankful for the opportunity Ethan Weitz Charters gave him to take his son fishing.

Sandie and Ethan Weitz feel that this fishing trip was an experience that was beyond rewarding and are anxious to take another trip with this group some time in the near future.

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